Who Am I?

Here I go by Programmer Dude (or just Dude), but over on my other blog I’m known as Wyrd Smythe. I created this blog for the sole purpose of publishing the Book of BOOL.

Some simple facts for now:

I first got acquainted with software back in 1977 when I took some Computer Science classes in college. It was love at first sight, and it ended up becoming my career and one of my hobbies.

I first began writing code in good old BASIC, although my early college classes introduced me to Fortran, Algol, PL/1 and Kunth’s Mixal assembly language. I also encountered the dreaded IBM JCL early!

I soon added C and Intel 8086 MASM, and it wasn’t too long before I was writing little TSR (popup) utilities that ran in the background on my MS-DOS 3.3 machines.

I jumped to C++ fairly early in its popularity curve, although I’ve never used it professionally. (Like many, I used the compiler to write “better C” professionally for many years.)

Digging into C++ enticed me to go back and write object-oriented framework libraries for MASM and C.  That’s right: I was writing object-oriented assembler. Damn straight!

Speaking of languages I used only for hobby coding, I had a brief, very torrid affair with Lisp for several years. Lisp is one of the sexist, most interesting languages ever. It’s truly amazing.

I got into Microsoft’s Visual BASIC from the beginning. I’m pretty sure I had version 1, and I know I was using it a lot (strictly hobby at that point) by version 3.  I still have the code from that era.

I did end up using it professionally. In fact, some of the work I’m proudest of I did in Visual BASIC. You could make really good looking professional programs that acted just as slick as any other program.

Of course, like any working programmer, Java took over my life the last decade or so. I was a bit askance over Java at first, but I’ve come to love it. It’s such a friendly language, and the standard library is extremely powerful.

There’s been a fair amount of JavaScript and SQL as well. Not to mention the web-related stuff, HTML and CSS.  JavaScript, too, of course, but you run into JS in a lot of other places these days (its formal name is ECMA-262).  It’s a simple, but very useful, language. I used to recommend it as a good first language.

My most recent good programming language friend is Python, which I love more than I loved Lisp in some ways.  In others, Lisp will never be matched.

But, anyway, as you can see I’ve had some experience with programming languages. There are many not mentioned here (Smalltalk, COBOL, Ada, et many alii). I’ve also designed and implemented simple programming languages; most working programmers have.

But BOOL is a special baby. My ship in a bottle.

3 responses

  1. I just noticed this blog…I guess I don’t look at anything but the content of specific posts when I check out blogs, but I just happened to scroll all the way down on your other blog. As you know, all this is beyond me, but I just thought I’d pop in and say hi. “Hi.”

    1. Yeah, this is just a vanity project that I’ve been dabbling with for decades. It’s been an attempt to design a language according to certain (weird, quixotic) goals — goals that have turned out to make it really hard to design! XD

      (In fact, I’ve had to sacrifice some of those goals along the way because they made it just too hard or too unwieldy. I’ve been challenged to decide between those abstractions and actually ever finishing the project! o_O )

    2. p.s.
      There’s almost nothing for anyone to gain here (other than lots of confusion), but maybe my programmer’s blog (The Hard Core Coder) is more accessible to those with an interest in the field.

      (You might even enjoy: I Have a Spelling Checker)

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