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Action Walkthrough, part 4

While not really part of the Action walk-through, per se, the sequence of events involving Messages still involves Actions, because Model Actions implement message behaviors. Therefore, nearly all messages ultimately result invoking some (Model) Action.

This article details the sequence of events involving Message objects.

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Action Walkthrough, part 3

The discussion of how an Action works continues with a detailed list of Action start-up events. The example code for the Action under discussion is shown in the first article.

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Actions, part 3

At its heart, BOOL has a fundamental principle: Everything is an object. This includes some non-obvious things, such as definitions and even individual statements. In particular for this discussion: statements. For example, in BOOL, an if-else statement is a distinct object.

All statements in BOOL are references to some Action object, which is invoked via an Actor object (Actors perform Actions). In a BOOL program, there can be many Actors that perform a given Action. For example, each occurrence of an if-else statement in the code is an Actor object that invokes the if-else Action.

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