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Followers? Seriously??

This is a  highly esoteric blog — really just a personal pet project — but I see that I have gathered some followers. That’s okay, there’s plenty of good seating, but I’m really curious why you’re here! I’m guessing it’s not that you have an interest in a weird programming language I’ve dabbled with for decades. (If I’m wrong about that, speak up; I’d love to hear from you.)

I’m going to stick this post up top. Perhaps I can encourage you to treat it as a “Guestbook” and leave a comment to sign in and say, “Howdy!” Common courtesy, really (although I realize the interweb tries to operate by different standards).  Maybe later, I’ll create a Guestbook page — that’s kind of a neat idea, actually — and edit this to point you there. (Or maybe I should do that on a blog that expects visitors.)

Honestly, this is just an excuse to try the “sticky post” thing. 😀