The main thing about BOOL versions is that a version name consists of the word, BOOL, combined with the four-digit year. This blog begins BOOL version BOOL2013.

Not every year has a BOOL version, since long periods go by where I don’t do anything with the language.  This page lists the versions that do represent milestones, or at least scenic vistas, along the way.

The earliest files on my current laptop, a handful of Microsoft Word documents, show there was definitely a published BOOL1993 version, and I’m pretty certain BOOL’s origins predate that by several years. The ’93 documents seem to indicate a fairly mature vision by that time. I’m starting to dig through old CD-ROMs and other backup sources looking for more of BOOL’s early history.

Looking at the folders in the above-mentioned laptop, I see periods of development in the years 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (how odd). [I was involved in marriage, separation and divorce in the 1997-2003 time frame. BOOL got none of my attention then.]

In particular, 2004, which features the first real Book of BOOL, a 3-meg PDF (of a Word doc). The PDF isn’t a very good version. If I ever get the MS Office suite, or perhaps Open Office, I might be able to strike off a better copy (although… why?).

[Click here to download the BOOL2004 PDF.]

In 2006 there was a great deal of effort. There’s a lot of C++ code that was the result of my experimenting with a BOOL compiler and a BOOL run-time environment. There are also a lot of MS Visio drawings along with PNG images of those drawings. I’ll post some of the better ones eventually. There is another PDF version of the Word doc from 2004. This PDF is about 1/3 the size; not sure (until I sit down and really go over them) if that’s due to a more efficient PDF or if the BOOL2006 standard is really that much smaller.

[Click here to download the BOOL2006 PDF.]

In 2008 there is just a series of notes addressing various changes and re-thinking on my part. If I ever gathered them up and used them to update the previous Word doc, that would be the BOOL2008 standard, but as it stands, they’re just a collection of text files (and many more changes have occurred since then).

There is even less in 2010, just a single text file with some notes about issues that have plagued BOOL. Again, the moving finger has moved on, but the changes noted do comprise a BOOL2010 version.

Then, in 2012, Python enters the picture, and there is an early attempt to work out a BOOL/Python binding and BOOL run-time environment (RTE). In retrospect, these efforts suffer from my Engineer’s Love of Complexity (For Complexity Sake). They reflect more a fun time mucking about with Python than anything else.

Finally comes the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 and a serious effort to finish this decades-long project. Or at least lay it to rest in some degree of completion. It’s been hard to give up some of the previous goals, but at long last BOOL is turning into an actual something!

This effort may have begun last year, but it’s bearing fruit this year, so following the skipping of years, the current version is BOOL2014.

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